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Recent Articles

How Your Fitness Level Affects Your Sweating Habits

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re always drenched in sweat at the end of a boot camp class while your friend is barely glistening, fret not. Your heavy sweating could be a sign that you’re physically fit. Research shows that fit individuals, especially those who train for endurance sports like running and cycling, sweat sooner and more profusely than people who rarely get physical.

10 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.26.26 AM.png

When it comes to eating for weight loss, you’ve probably heard every piece of advice out there: Drink three glasses of grapefruit juice a day, eat egg whites for breakfast, or replace all your greens with kale. It’s a convenient strategy to latch onto one specific food in the hope that it will completely transform your body, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. That being said, there are certain foods that are healthier and more nutrient-rich than others.

Will Detox Tea Really Help You Lose Weight

You’ve probably seen ads for a variety of detox teas in your social-media feeds. You know the ones: Photos with a prominent celebrity or blogger holding up a colorful box of cutely named tea next to their flat bellies, with captions like, “Love this tea!” or “So yummy and easy!” But is it really that simple? Could a tea detox — or teatox, if you will — be just what you need to finally lose the extra weight? The short answer: No.


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