Paige should be on any editor's shortlist of reliable, talented writers. She crafts good copy that rarely needs work, sure, but almost more importantly, she beats deadlines, is incredibly easy to work with, and makes herself reachable 24/7. It's rare to find a talented writer who's as dependable and flexible as Paige — I know if I throw her pretty much anything, she'll do a timely and bang-up job. — Jacqueline Kehoe (Matador Network)

Having been an editor at multiple decently sized companies, I've seen my fair share of writers. Paige is one of the best I've worked with. Why? 1. She works hard to follow your style guide and match your brand's voice. 2. She's able to write a variety of types of content, from educational listicles to long-form in-depth pieces with multiple interviews. 3. She's flexible and accommodating in taking on stories (we wouldn't have been able to get our "content machine" up and running at Funding Circle without her help!). 4. She's able to take a story idea and run with it without much (or any) guidance. 5. She's organized and completes assignments on time without you having to follow up. 6. She's super communicative and easy to reach. 7. She's a solid writer, and her pieces don't need much editing. I'd highly recommend Paige for any writing needs you have. — Jenna Lee (Funding Circle)

Paige is a reliable freelancer who delivers effective copy and is responsive to feedback. It is nice to know I can call on her to write about any number of topics in a pinch. — Alexander Harris (SpareFoot)

I met Paige when she was my travel writing student at MatadorU, where she stood out because of her respect for deadlines, her commitment to constant self-improvement, her openness to constructive criticism, and her sweet and easy-to-work-with demeanor. It didn't take me long to ask her to write freelance for Matador Network. She impressed me so much with her reliability, professionalism, and engaging content that I chose her among a pool of hundreds of writers to represent Matador Network on a prestigious press trip to Norway. If you get the opportunity to work with her, consider yourself lucky and do whatever it takes to hang onto her as your go-to freelance writer. — Cathy Brown (Matador Network)

Paige provided excellent service to us as a freelance copy editor on a recent project. She was timely, professional and very knowledgeable. We had a particular style and tone we wanted to convey and Paige delivered. I would highly recommend her services. — Paul Amante (Irvine Company)

Paige is incredible. She’s intelligent, witty, reliable, and an absolute joy to work with. Storage, moving, and packing are inherently boring topics, but Paige breathes life into them. And backs everything up with research, input from industry experts, and professional photography if you’d like. Equally as awesome is the fact that Paige not only stays up to date on the latest industry and social trends, but will also actively pitch topics. This saves me a ton of time, which I can then dedicate to accomplishing other goals. If you want brilliant, creative copy that not only requires few, if any, edits, but also captivates and persuades your audience to take action, hire Paige Smith. You won’t regret it. I certainly don’t. — Jose Zuniga (MakeSpace)

Paige is the ideal freelance writer: She's an excellent writer and her pitches are fun, creative, and very detailed. I know that whenever I assign Paige an article, it will be thoroughly researched and well-written. I always get exactly what I need — she asks thoughtful questions and offers valuable input before starting an assignment so that we're both clear about expectations. Paige has become a key resource for me (and my team!) and her articles have contributed to the success of our blog. — Lili Ladaga (Beachbody)

I've hired Paige for several different content writing and copywriting projects for my clients. Each time we've worked together I've been very impressed with her timeliness, great communication skills, and high-quality work. Paige is consistently professional, but the thing that stands out to me most is the quality of work. I'd highly recommend her as a freelance writer. — Justin Townsend (Navolutions)

I have had the pleasure of working and traveling with Paige in her capacity as a travel writer. Paige is extremely professional, knowledgeable, is a great travel companion, and has a great sense of humor. And she has written some fantastic articles about Norway. I can highly recommend to anybody to work with Paige in the future. — Harald Hansen (Visit Norway and Innovation Norway)

I recently hired Paige to write an important marketing pitch for our company. After a consultation phone call, she got right to work. The end product she delivered was just what we needed. I was very impressed with her efficiency throughout the process. If you need someone to write sharp, clean copy for your business, I'd highly recommend Paige. — Patrick Moriarty (IVI Vision)

I worked with Paige when she wrote travel advice articles for Hayo Magazine. I was always impressed by her original ideas based on our themes and topics of interest, her efficiency, and high-quality work. Paige was consistently professional and easy to work with, continuously beating deadlines. She was always reachable and quick to respond to changes for both online and print, making our jobs very easy. I'd highly recommend her as a freelance writer. — Joanna Riquett (Hayo Magazine)

Paige is an incredibly reliable freelance writer, and it's always a delight to work with her. Her pitches are very detailed and well thought out, and she does a wonderful job of communicating and asking questions at the start of an assignment to make sure she provides exactly what I'm looking for. I can always count on her for clean, well-researched copy, and she does a great job of understanding and capturing the voice of our brand. She has become an extremely valuable writer for our entire team! — Hannah Rex (Beachbody)

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