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7 Important Steps for Starting a Small Business Successfully

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Top 5 Financial Challenges Facing Small Businesses in 2019

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How to Set Your Business Up For Long-Term Growth

Is a Term Loan a Good Option For Covering My Business Taxes?

How to Figure Out How Much Inventory to Stock


The key to running a profitable business is optimizing sales. And the trick to optimizing sales is answering the question: How much inventory should I carry?

6 Reasons to Use a Term Loan For Your Business Taxes

term loan.jpeg

If you need more working capital to help pay your taxes, consider your financing options.

What to Know Before Buying Out a Business Partner


If you and your business partner choose to terminate your working relationship, and you still want to retain control of the business, you’ll need to consider a partner buyout.

Is it Time to Break Up With Your Business Partner?

business partner.jpeg

Despite you and your business partner’s best intentions, not all partnerships are built to last.

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Full-Time Employee


There are tangible things you can do to set your business up for success during the hiring stages and beyond.

9 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Amazon This Season

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to boost end-of-year sales, increase revenue, and attract new customers. But it can be tough to compete with ecommerce behemoths like Amazon.

How Your Business Can Outpace Amazon This Season


For business owners, the holiday season is a prime time to attract new customers, ramp up sales, and secure the loyalty of returning customers. But it can be tough to compete with the discounted prices and convenience of e-commerce retailers like Amazon.

5 Steps to Take After Acquiring Another Business


Acquiring another business is a major achievement, but believe it or not, the purchase is often the simple part.

What to Do If You Can’t Make Payroll


If your cash is temporarily tied up and you’re worried you might not make payroll, it’s time to get resourceful.

Are Personal Loans or Business Loans Better for Sole Proprietors?


Being a sole proprietor comes with plenty of perks, but it can be tricky to secure financing for your business.

How to Prepare Your Business For Disaster

How to prepare your business for disaster_Funding Circle.jpeg

Being a business owner involves managing a never-ending to-do list: one that includes everything from reviewing budgets to preparing for emergencies. After all, weather-related disasters are increasing, so planning for emergency situations isn’t just a smart move — it’s imperative.

5 Incredible Mom Business Owners

5 Incredible Mom Business Owners_Funding Circle.jpeg

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of five remarkable business owners who’ve achieved groundbreaking success while also raising kids.

5 Ways You Can Get to Know Your Customers

5 ways you can get to know your customers_Funding Circle.jpeg

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but it’s easy to get so caught up searching for new customers that you stop paying attention to your loyal patrons. That’s why you’ll want to mark your calendars: January 18th is Get to Know Your Customers Day! This day, which falls on the third Thursday of every quarter, is a great opportunity for business owners to double-down on customer care.

Planning For Retirement as a Small Business Owner

Planning for retirement as a small business owner_Funding Circle.jpeg

Small business owners aren’t just responsible for building budgets, drafting business plans, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company — they’re also usually in charge of funding their own retirement. And while the idea of planning for retirement while you’re trying to run a company may seem intimidating (or even downright impossible), it can also be exciting and gratifying to take control of your financial future.

7 Inspiring TED Talks For Small Business Owners

7 Inspiring TED Talks For Small Business Owners_Funding Circle.jpeg

As a business owner, you probably need an occasional dose of inspiration to keep you going. While there are plenty of great options, TED Talks rank among the best. Not only are they free and easy to listen to on your lunch break or commute, but each video also provides the ideal combination of insight, motivation, and practical advice.

The Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners

the best podcasts for small business owners_Funding Circle.jpeg

If you’re a business owner, podcasts might just be your new secret weapon. Listening to just one episode a week can be akin to enrolling in a mini college course (only without the financial burden) — you’ll learn new skills, get sound advice, and listen in on conversations with like-minded people.

4 Questions You'll Never Know the Answer to as an Entrepreneur

4 questions you'll never know the answer to as an entrpreneur_Funding Circle.jpeg

One of the hallmarks of entrepreneurship — alongside innovation and a dependency on caffeine — is uncertainty. When you’re starting a business or creating a product, there are an incalculable number of risks involved, not to mention unforeseen obstacles and unexpected stress.

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What Is Alternative Lending?


To run a successful business, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of business financing.

How to Develop a New Product


Developing a new product or service for your business can help increase customer engagement, drive demand, and improve profits.

How to Decide What Type of Employee to Hire


A great hire can generate innovative ideas, take over important projects, and help limit your day-to-day stress so you can focus on growing your business.

How to Finance a Partnership Buyout


Partner buyouts can be expensive, and depending on the financial health of your business, you may not have enough money to pay out of pocket.

How to Find Working Capital For Your Small Business

working capital.jpeg

Depending on the financial state of your company and your particular business goals, you may need additional working capital to get ahead.

7 Signs You Need to Relocate Your Business

relocate 1.jpeg

Business relocation is a big decision, but the right move can help you grow your operations and improve employee satisfaction.

Payroll 101 For Small Businesses


Paying your employees is simple in theory, but more complicated in practice.

5 Reasons Funding Circle is Your Best Option to Finance a Move


A strategic move can help propel your business forward — and the right financing can get you there.

18 Smart Business Tips From Women Business Owners

women business owners.jpeg

These business owners talk about how to stay true to your vision, satisfy customers, and grow from your mistakes.

How to Improve Your Business Cash Flow

cash flow.jpeg

Keeping your business afloat comes down to good cash flow management.

How to Become a Certified Minority or Women-Owned Small Business

women business.jpeg

If you’re a business owner who happens to be a woman or member of a minority group, the right business certification can help give your company a boost.

6 Educational YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs

6 Educational YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs_Funding Cirle.jpg

Savvy business owners know learning new skills and strategies is crucial to success. And when it comes to educational resources, one of the most comprehensive — and entertaining — options for entrepreneurs is YouTube.

How to Spring Clean Your Business

How to Spring Clean Your Business_Funding Circle.jpg

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to homes. As a business owner, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to get organized.

Hiring Your Kids During the School Break

Hiring Your Kids During the School Break_Funding Circle.jpeg

One of the major perks of being both a parent and a business owner is that you can hire your kids to work for you. Not only will they get a valuable opportunity to earn their own money and save for the future, but you’ll also get some much-needed assistance in the workplace.

Term Loans vs. Lines of Credit

Term Loans v. Lines of Credit_Funding Circle.jpeg

Figuring out how to finance your business is just one of many learning curves involved in entrepreneurship. To help you choose the option that best suits you and your business’ needs, we’re breaking down two common forms of business financing: term loans and lines of credit.

5 Retention Tips to Help Keep Top Employees

5 retention tips to help keep top employees_Funding Circle.jpeg

The secret to a high retention rate is learning how to create an environment where your employees feel validated, supported, and respected. Creating that environment takes time and consistency, but there are certain strategies you can adopt to get there.

The Worst Business Advice You'll Ever Receive

the worst business advice you'll ever receive_Funding Circle.jpeg

As an entrepreneur, you’ll receive plenty of advice about how to navigate your business. Some of it will be insightful, some confusing, and some completely worthless. And for every gem or slice of brilliant wisdom you receive, you’ll get 10 times as many tidbits of terrible business advice.

Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs Stuck in Traffic

Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs Stuck in Traffic_Funding Circle.jpeg

With some strategic planning and a few downloadable resources, you can turn your travel time into some of the most productive hours of the week. Here are four smart ways to make the most of your time in transit.

How a Changing Workforce Affects Travel Management

Small Businesses are Looking Beyond Banks for Loans

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing a Business Loan in Florida

How to Build a Sales Funnel for Your Small Business

FAQs When Getting a Loan With Online Small Business Lenders

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How to Create a Financial Plan for Your Business

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8 Financial Habits to Break Up With This Valentine’s Day


Your money-making and spending habits can propel your business forward or drag it down.

6 Simple Steps to Finding Seasonal Employees for Your Small Business


For many businesses, hiring seasonal employees is key to staying afloat during busy periods.

9 Holiday Marketing Tips That Won’t Kill Your Budget


The holiday season is a critical money-making time for many independent businesses.

5 Essential Inventory Management Techniques


There are two critical components to running a sustainable business operation: managing cash flow and managing inventory.

Hiring Your First Employee? Don’t Forget to Do These 4 Things


Before you start brainstorming employee titles and tasks, you need to take care of a few logistics.

How to Decide Whether to Purchase Another Business


Buying a business is a big move — one that has the potential to take your company to the next level. But how do you know if it’s the right decision for you?

6 Hidden Costs of Relocating Your Business

relocating 2.jpeg

To set your business up for a successful move, check out these six commonly overlooked costs of relocating, and plan accordingly.

6 Best Payroll Options For Small Business Owners

payroll options.png

Running payroll can be time-consuming and complicated. Between tracking hours, signing checks, completing forms, and paying taxes, it’s easy to make errors that can cost your business money or otherwise set you back.

H.R. 5050’s Big Impact on Women-Owned Businesses

hr 5050.jpeg

The Women’s Business Ownership Act didn’t just contribute to the growth and success of women-owned businesses across the country, it also marked the beginning of a movement.

16 Women Business Owners on the Best Part of Running a Business


Being an entrepreneur and business owner has its challenges, but the job also comes with plenty of perks, including creative freedom, happy customers, and pride in your success.

4 Incredible Dad Business Owners

4 Incredible Dad Business Owners_Funding Circle.jpeg

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a round-up of four incredible business owners who’ve transformed their industries while also raising kids.

5 Business Lessons From Commencement Speeches

5 Business Lessons From Commencement Speeches_Funding Circle.jpeg

As a business owner, you probably don’t look to college commencement speeches as a source of inspiration when you’re feeling frustrated or defeated — but you should. Commencement speeches are also chock-full of evergreen business lessons that apply no matter your age or education level.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Business

5 tips to keep in mind when remodeling your business_Funding Circle.jpeg

Beyond practical improvements like eliminating safety hazards and making your business more energy-efficient, a well-planned renovation can also help you boost profits, appeal to new customers, increase employee satisfaction, and improve workplace efficiency.

Term Loans vs. Credit Cards

Term Loans vs. Credit Cards_Funding Circle.jpeg

When you’re on the hunt for business financing, it can be tricky to know where to begin. After all, every option out there — from invoice factoring to merchant cash advances — comes with its own unique set of perks and challenges, all of which have the potential to either enhance or hinder your success.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business Over a Long Weekend

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business Over a Long Weekend_Funding Circle.jpeg

When you’re a small business owner, it often feels like there isn’t enough time in the workweek to finish all your projects, let alone make headway on new ones. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the clock, but you can take advantage of time outside typical work hours. Enter: the rare and highly anticipated long weekend.

How to Achieve Zen as a Business Owner

How to achieve zen as a business owner_Funding Circle.jpeg

When you’re a business owner, it’s normal — inevitable even — to have chaotic weeks. And while it may be tempting to skip town or head to the parking lot for a mini meltdown, it’s not necessary. The trick to facing hectic weeks is cultivating smart relaxation and productivity habits.

Buying Computers For Your Business? Follow These 4 Steps

Buying Computers For Your Business? Follow These 4 Steps_Funding Circle.jpeg

Buying computers for your business is no small feat. The sheer amount of options available can quickly turn the process from exciting to overwhelming. Couple that with steep prices and tricky tech jargon and you may feel completely in over your head. Here’s the good news, though: With some basic research and tech knowledge, you can shop for computers with ease and confidence.