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22 Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes to Make Cooking Easier Than Ever

15 of the Healthiest Frozen Foods From Trader Joe’s

20 Good Sources of Potassium


Potassium is the nutritional equivalent of HIIT: everyone knows it’s important, but not many people know why.

7 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

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You don’t need to completely overhaul your eating and exercise habits to get results. You can shed pounds effectively by making a few low-effort, high-impact changes.

Everything You Need to Know About Avocados

Everything You Need to Know About Avocados_Beachbody.jpg

It’s undeniable: Avocados are the A-listers of the produce section. Not only are avocados Instagram stars — there are 7 million+ posts with #avocado —adding avocado to anything instantly amps up the flavor of your meal. But are avocados healthy?

How to Enjoy Being on a Gluten-Free Diet Without Feeling Deprived

How to enjoy being gluten-free without feeling deprived_FitJoy.jpeg

A gluten-free diet can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you have an allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity to gluten, steering clear of it can radically improve your digestive system, gut health, and overall wellbeing. On the other hand, eating gluten-free can make you feel like you’re missing out on some of the best foods (we’re looking at you, sourdough bread). But with the right attitude and nutrition know-how, a gluten-free diet can be extremely satisfying and, what's more, enjoyable.

13 Easy Health Hacks to Get You Through the Holidays

13 Easy Health Hacks To Get You Through The Holidays_HuffPost.jpeg

The holiday season can quickly derail your healthy habits if you’re not prepared. That’s why it’s crucial to implement a few simple, effective strategies to help stay on track — without restricting yourself or skipping out on the festivities.

How to Avoid Eating Unhealthy Food at Work

how to avoid eating unhealthy food at work_FitJoy.jpeg

The average office — with its poor vending machine options, sparse pantry, and endless supply of leftover birthday cake — can be a difficult place to cultivate healthy habits around food. Even the most disciplined employees may occasionally reach for a bag of mini muffins in lieu of lunch. Fortunately, you don’t have to work for a superfood company to take ownership of your health.

Tips For Eating Healthy When You're Traveling

Tips For Eating Healthy When You're Traveling_Beachbody.jpeg

Eating healthy at the airport is no easy feat, especially if you’re cranky, jet-lagged, lost, or rushing to the gate to make your flight (or all of the above). Read on for easy, practical tips about how to eat healthy at the airport — without resorting to a $14 fruit cup.

Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?_Beachbody.jpeg

Walking might be the simplest form of exercise. It’s straightforward, requires no special training or fitness prowess. It’s also free, highly accessible, and usually very enjoyable, especially if you have a chatty friend by your side or a fun podcast to listen to. In short, walking is awesome. But is it an effective way to lose weight?

Will Detox Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

Will Detox Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?_Beachbody.jpeg

You’ve probably seen ads for a variety of detox teas in your social-media feeds. You know the ones: Photos with a prominent celebrity or blogger holding up a colorful box of cutely named tea next to their flat bellies, with captions like, “Love this tea!” or “So yummy and easy!” But is it really that simple? Could a tea detox — or teatox, if you will — be just what you need to finally lose the extra weight? The short answer: No.

The Best Strategies to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight

The Best Strategies to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight_Beachbody.png

If the new year rolls around and you’re ready to swear off alcohol, chocolate, and bread for life, you’re not alone. It’s totally normal — and really exciting — to create health resolutions following the over-indulgent holiday season. This year, try implementing these easy strategies to help you stay on track to weight-loss success. New year, new you — for real.

Sleep In Thanks to This Make-Ahead Brunch

Sleep In Thanks to This Make-Ahead Brunch_Beachbody.png

The holidays are stressful enough without having to wake up and cook a gourmet brunch for your friends and family. This year, instead of rolling out of bed in the dark and spending three hours flipping individual omelets for your guests, follow this simple plan for a delicious, low-effort make-ahead brunch that’ll have all your guests feeling warm and fuzzy.

How to Make Lower-Calorie Versions of Your Favorite Fall Flavors

How to Make Lower-Calorie Versions of Your Favorite Fall Flavors_Beachbody.png

Fall: the season to wear fuzzy socks, spend cozy evenings in, and nurture your unapologetic obsession with all things pumpkin. The only problem with typical fall foods is that we tend to consume them in the form of calorie-rich desserts, processed snacks, and carb-heavy dishes.

7 of the Best Low Carb Ice Cream Brands

8 of the Best Trader Joe's Spices to Add to Your Pantry

What Is the Carnivore Diet?


Why would someone want to only eat meat? Is this even healthy? Below, two experts weigh in on the controversial carnivore diet.

18 of the Best Vegan Foods At Trader Joe's


As if we didn’t love Trader Joe’s enough already, they carry some of the best vegan food you’ll ever taste.

5 Fall-Inspired Muffins That Are Actually Healthy


Your favorite autumn flavors—apple, pumpkin, cinnamon and more—baked into an easy and delicious morning meal.

Should You Take a Vitamin Every Day?

Should you take a vitamin every day_HuffPost.jpeg

As a kid, popping a single chewy, sugary multivitamin alongside breakfast was easy. But as an adult, navigating the world of vitamin supplements is more complicated. The sheer number of options available at the store, combined with confusing labels and a lack of nutrition knowledge, can turn the simple task of bettering your health into a seemingly impossible feat.

I Tried a Fake Meat Burger — Here's What It Tastes Like

I Tried a Fake Meat Burger — Here's What It Tastes Like_Beachbody.jpg

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with red meat. And by that, I mean I love beef burgers and hate everything else. Save for a good, flavorful burger, I find most other red meat unappetizing and tend to steer clear of it, opting instead for veggie-heavy meals. That’s why I was excited — and sure, slightly skeptical — when I heard about plant-based “burgers” that look, taste, and feel like ground beef.

6 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

6 ways to lose weight without counting calories_Men's Health.jpg

You've heard the old school rule: to lose weight, you need to eat less and move more. And when it comes to shedding pounds, calories do count. But while meticulously counting every bite of food can help hold some people accountable, it can be too restrictive, stressful, or time-consuming for others. Here are six tips that will help you crush your weight loss goals—no counting or measuring required.

5 Pitfalls That Lead to Overeating and What to Do About Them

5 Pitfalls That Lead to Overeating and What to Do About Them_MFP.jpeg

Everyone knows what it feels like after you overindulge. You might be sluggish, bloated, queasy or a combination of all three. It’s normal to occasionally overdo it, but if you’re experiencing these classic overeating side effects on a regular basis, it may be time to understand why. Here are five common pitfalls that lead to overeating, plus tips on how to curb the habit.

12 Top Weight Loss Excuses and How to Stop Making Them

12 Top Weight Loss Excuses and How to Stop Making Them_Beachbody.jpeg

Truth time: The biggest barriers standing between you and successfully losing weight are the excuses you make that keep you from getting started. Making excuses for why you can’t stick to (or start) your healthy commitments is a common part of the weight-loss process. But now it’s time to develop techniques and strategies for busting those excuses so you can start making progress.

10 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight_Beachbody.jpeg

When it comes to eating for weight loss, you’ve probably heard every piece of advice out there: Drink three glasses of grapefruit juice a day, eat egg whites for breakfast, or replace all your greens with kale. It’s a convenient strategy to latch onto one specific food in the hope that it will completely transform your body, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. That being said, there are certain foods that are healthier and more nutrient-rich than others.

5 Smarter Snacking Strategies For Weight Loss

5 Smarter Snacking Strategies For Weight Loss_MFP.jpeg

Snacking gets a bad rap in the weight-loss community, but that’s only if you’re munching on sugary, carb-heavy foods throughout the day (we’re looking at you, mini muffins). Smart snacking, on the other hand, can help you control your cravings, fill up on important nutrients and maintain your energy levels.

7 Common Low-Carb Diet Mistakes

7 Common Low-Carb Diet Mistakes_Beachbody.jpg

It can be easy to misinterpret a low-carb diet or to implement its principles in an extreme or unsustainable way. The intention behind the diet — to reduce the amount of unhealthy carbs you consume on a regular basis — isn’t inherently a bad idea, but you need to be smart about how you execute it. Here are seven common mistakes to avoid.

10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen For Meal Prep

meal prep2.jpg

Meal prep doesn’t just help you save time and money — it can also lead to smarter, healthier eating habits. “If you have healthy foods at the ready, you’re more likely to opt for these over takeout or snacking through a meal,” says Amy Gorin, RDN. Here’s how to organize your kitchen to make meal prep a cinch.

The Crazy-Busy Person's Guide to Weight Loss

The Crazy-Busy Person's Guide to Weight Loss_Beachbody.png

You don’t need to quit your job and go to boot camp to successfully lose weight. You can shed pounds — slowly but surely — while continuing to hustle and keep up with your commitments.

Is Celery Juice Good for You?

22 of the Best Whole30 Approved Foods At Trader Joe's

16 of the Best Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Products


Trader Joe’s is a mecca for people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Everything You Need to Know About a High-Fiber Diet


Compared to vitamins, healthy fats, and protein, dietary fiber doesn’t get a whole lot of love. But it should.

5 Kinds of Fish to Eat For Weight Loss


Eating fish can help with your weight-loss goals — provided you’re choosing the right kind.

Your Foolproof Guide to Eating More Veggies

Your Foolproof Guide to Eating More Veggies_My Fitness Pal.jpg

Vegetables are the unsung heroes of a healthy diet. They’re versatile, satiating and packed with vital nutrients. The only problem is, most people don’t eat nearly enough of them — opting to make protein or grains the focus of meals while relegating veggies to the occasional side dish.

How to Lose Weight on a Budget

How to Lose Weight on a Budget_Beachbody.jpg

Here’s Pro Tip #1 on how to lose height on budget: Don’t spend your paycheck on imported superfoods, a personal trainer, and trendy meals. Losing weight on a budget is completely doable. What’s more, eating healthfully on a regular basis doesn’t have to cost significantly more.

The Truth About Potatoes: Do They Derail Weight Loss?

The Truth About Potatoes- Do They Derail Weight Loss?_MFP.jpeg

Spuds have gained a bad reputation among certain members of the health community. Those who stick to the low-carb, high-protein Paleo diet recommend avoiding them entirely. Still, plenty of nutritionists and dietitians argue potatoes can be a fine part of a balanced diet. So, what gives? Here’s some of the starchy truth.

6 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Stay on Track in Any Situation

6 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Stay on Track in Any Situation_Beachbody.jpeg

You’re three days into a new weight-loss plan when a friend invites you to her blow-out birthday party, complete with a bevy of fried appetizers, pizza, cakes, and unlimited champagne. You want to stay the course, but you also want to enjoy yourself — and the impulse to down a plate of crispy coconut shrimp is all too real. Sound familiar?

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, 20 Minutes at a Time

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, 20 Minutes at a Time_MFP.jpeg

You may think you need to block off a big chunk of time to hit the gym or cook meals from scratch, but that’s not the case. Even if you have just 20 minutes to spare, you can use that time to stay active, dial in your diet and make serious progress.

9 Mindfulness Tips to Eat Smart and Lose Weight

9 Mindfulness Tips to Eat Smart and Lose Weight_Beachbody.png

Not only can you use mindfulness to boost empathy, sleep better, and reduce your stress levels, you can also use it to better your relationship with food. Read on to learn how to harness the power of mindfulness to choose healthier foods, lose weight, and actually enjoy the process of eating — no guilt or self-judgment necessary.

12 Food Storage Tips to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

12 Food Storage Tips to Make Your Groceries Last Longer_Beachbody.jpeg

Not only does proper food storage prevent unnecessary waste (and sudden bouts of frustration), but it also lessens your grocery bill and minimizes the risk of a contracting a food-borne illness.

Are Low-Carb Diets Effective For Weight Loss?

Are Low-Carb Diets Effective For Weight Loss?_Beachbody.png

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of a low-carb diet. Namely, that you’ll experience rapid weight loss by ditching the bread basket and doubling down on a cut of steak. But a low-carb diet isn’t that straightforward in actual practice. Though the principle behind it sounds simple enough — less pasta! more protein! — the diet can be easy to misinterpret.

Does Lemon Water Work For Weight Loss?

Does Lemon Water Work For Weight Loss?_Beachbody.png

Does a simple glass of water with a little squeezed citrus actually possess magic slimming properties? 

What IS Healthy About Thanksgiving Dinner?

What IS Healthy About Thanksgiving Dinner?_Beachbody.png

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to leave you feeling uncomfortably stuffed. There are plenty of naturally delicious and totally healthy Thanksgiving foods, plus tons of ways to make your favorite dishes lighter so you can enjoy leftovers all week long — no sweatpants required.